A Bill to be Entitled, 1899

Enlarged photographs of the original handwritten draft that was authored in 1899 by State Representative Fred Cocke, a member of the 26th Texas Legislature.

The summary of the proposed bill reads: “An act to provide for establishing, governing, and maintaining a State normal school at San Marcos to be known as the ‘Southwest Texas Normal School.’  A subsequent version of this text became SB260, the legislation that officially authorized the creation of the institution now known as Texas State University.

This document was selected to be the first item moved into the Archives and Research Center (ARC) because of its significance to Texas State University, and because the strictly controlled environment in the ARC is ideal for the long-term preservation of this and other library and archives materials.

Bill donated by Kathy Porter, great-granddaughter of Fred Cocke.
University Archives, Texas State University.

Photograph by Jeremy Moore, Digital Media Specialist.

Photographed and printed by the Digital Media Lab.