Library Entrance, 1960

Main library entrance, 1960

As the student body at Southwest Texas State College (now Texas State University) grew, so did the need for more library space.  In 1939, the library moved out of the first floor of Lueders Hall and into a spacious new two-story building – Flowers Hall – designed to better accommodate the 1,371 enrolled students.  Within a few years, a third story was added to the library.  In addition to research and study, the library served as the place for students to register for classes. 

The student body continued to grow, reaching 9,327 students by 1969, as the library prepared to move into its fourth home – which was eventually named for alumnus and Regent Jesse C. Kellam. 

Image from the 1960 Pedagog, page 34.

University Archives, Texas State University.

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