PBS/American Playhouse

Memo from Severo Perez to Lynn Holst of American Playhouse regarding the expected demographics of viewers. <br /><br />

Memo: viewer demographics.

Severo Perez&#039;s diary entry, June 1991, regarding Co-Executive Producer Lindsay Law&#039;s reaction to the screenplay.

Diary entry: American Playhouse reaction to the screenplay

Severo Perez&#039;s diary entry, August 1991, regarding a trip to see producers to get funding for the film.

Diary entry: American Playhouse fundraising.

Severo Perez&#039;s notes after a phone conversation with Co-Executive Producer Lindsay Law, June 1991.

Notes: phone conversation with executive producer Lindsay Law

screenplay: SP memo re: rewrite after conversation with Lynn Holst of American Playhouse

Memo: script rewrite for American Playhouse 

screenplay March 1991 American Playhouse Rewrite

Screenplay revision for American Playhouse, March 1991