James Buchanan “Buck” Winn, Jr. was a Texas Regionalist, a school of art that focused on what the artist knows best. What Buck Winn knew best was Texas. Because of this, he was asked twice by Texas State University's (then Southwest Texas State College) President J.G. Flowers to create iconic works on campus: a base to showcase the Anna Hyatt Huntington Fighting Stallions and a four-story mural on what is now Flowers Hall. As a life-long learner, educator, and adventurer, Winn embraced the opportunity to broaden the cultural offerings on campus. 



"This is an opportunity to say that Texas is big and that we have big art in Texas." - Buck Winn on the Flowers Hall mural.



The mural installed at the Alkek Library (Summer 2020) only adds to Buck Winn’s contributions to the public art on Texas State University's campus. His carved concrete mural still graces the west wall of the Flowers Building and his design for the original base of the Fighting Stallions statue lives on in photos and yearbooks. A final contribution to the university's history were Winn's Morning Glories sculptures at Aquarena Springs. While not part of the campus at the time of their creation, the sculptures are remembered by countless members of the community.