About this Exhibit

This "Central Texas Glass Plate Negative Collection" exhibit was initially planned and constructed by Roberto Gutierrez Jr., a Graduate Student in the Public History Program at the Texas State University, in the spring of 2018.

This exhibit is part of the University Archives and would not have been possible without the help of the University Archives.  Kris Toma, Kaelyn Morice, and Megan North provided professional knowledge, training, guidance, research support, technical support, and were with their good cheer and enthusiasm. Thank you, y’all make it look easy!

Digitization and research support was provided by Digital Media Specialists, Jeremy Moore and Erin Mazzei. Programming support and customization of the Omeka site was provided by Jason Long.  Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and guidance with plentiful amounts of patience and zeal.

Thanks also to Michal Kosakowski and Bill Strong for providing technical details for and images of the Pony Premo camera, and, thank you, Keith Vincent, for the use of a Hays County Courthouse postcard image.

Copyright Notice

All images in this collection are in the public domain.  

You may use any material on this website for personal or research use without permission.


2016-001 Central Texas glass plate negative collection.  University Archives, Texas State University.

Image Identification

Alison Tudor of San Marcos provided identification of images #003, #021, and #033 in July 2020.  Descriptions appear in the captions under each image on the View Entire Collection page. 

See the Addendum page for additional identification updates from researchers.