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Initial research by Professor Dan K. Utley and Librarian Margaret Vaverek culminated in a 2018 Hillviews article,  "The Fighting Stallions: Sculptor Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington created the university's symbol of freedom."  The article is also available as a PDF

The story of the Stallions was expanded and adapted for this digital exhibition.  Margaret Vaverek provided the text and additional research.  University Archivist Kristine Toma researched and selected photographs and designed this digital exhibition, which was first published in June 2022.  We wish to acknowledge and thank Pam Spooner for her detailed editing skills!  We deeply appreciate her thoroughness and dedication to making this exhibit look its best.

The University Archives thanks the staff at Brookgreen Gardens for allowing us to use the photograph of the 1973 Brookgreen Medal (seen left) that includes profiles of both Archer and Anna.  In all of our research, we were unable to find a portrait of the couple. 

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Photographs in this exhibition came from a variety of sources; some were found in Wikimedia, some were requested from other repositories, and some are University photographs that are owned by Texas State.

To view information about the source of each photograph, first click on the image. This will open a window that includes details about the image, including source, copyright, any use guidelines/restrictons, and how to properly cite the image.

Copyright and
Creative Commons License

This exhibition is licensed as CC BY according to Creative Commons 4.0.  This means that while we retain the copyright, we allow others to use this content as long as each use is attributed and linked back to this exhibition.

Note that only photographs created by the University iteself are covered by this CC-BY license.  Each photograph from sources outside of the University Archives has its own copyright and use status.  See the above section for how to find the copyright information about each photograph.

Invitation to Explore Primary Source Materials

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