The railroad town of Coupland (1887), Williamson County, is dramatically sited within impressive rolling hills of the Blackland-Prairie. It has remained a small agricultural enclave, despite some successful businesses, most notably the Coupland Inn and Dance Hall. I first ate barbecue at the inn in the 1980s, when the town was a side trip at the annual TSHA conference, and Debby and I have frequented the restaurant regularly in recent years, given its downhome fare and close proximity to Pflugerville. Of particular note these days is the Huntington Sculpture Garden, where sculptor Jim Huntington displays his majestic modernistic works of rock and metal. Interesting cemetery west of SH 95.

January 3, 2021

Coupland, Williamson County, Texas

Established in 1887

Incorporated in 2012

Poulation in 2014 was 298