Cele (1890s) and Richland (1850s) are agricultural settlements east of Pflugerville in Travis County. Encroaching suburban sprawl is now within a mile of each, and there is a Cele Middle School in the Pflugerville ISD. Cele is today best known for cash-only barbecue sold on weekends at the Cele Store. Not far southwest on Cameron Road is the historic Richland Hall. St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church at Richland has a nice church and active congregation. Several years ago, Debby and I attended a community Thanksgiving dinner there which helped raise funds for the church. Nice, well-maintained cemetery adjacent. Both Cele and Richland were settled by German immigrants, and their influence is still evident in the area. Blackland Prairie farms and ranches.

November 15, 2020

Cele, Travis County, Texas

Established in 1890s

Post office established in 1896, discontinued in 1902


Richland, Travis County, Texas

Settlers arrived in 1849

First public school established 1882, closed in 1945