Fighting Stallions Come to Campus

How did the Stallions end up in San Marcos?  It was through a family connection.

In the years that Archer lived in San Marcos with his grandmother Catherine Yarrington, he must have spent time with his first cousins Bella, Kitty, Richard, John, Robert, and Archie.  It seems that all but Kitty attended SWT; the others appear in the yearbook, the Pedagog.


  • Bella Yarrington was a junior in 1919; her brothers Richard, John, Robert, and Archie are listed in the "Students in the Service" section of the same yearbook. 
  • John Yarrington appears in the yearbook again after WWI.  He graduated in the Class of 1933 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration-Economics. 

The family's connections to SWT were most likely the inspiration behind the Huntington's gift to the College, as the offer of the statue was conveyed by John Yarrington.