Located on US 79 and the MoPac rail line in Williamson County east of Taylor, Thrall dates to 1876, when it served as a supply center for the nearby Stiles Ranch, still in operation. The small community has gained a reputation in recent years for its low speed limits and seemingly ubiquitous police force, but a drive through the area off 79 reveals some interesting historic fabric still intact. While it is only a few miles from the much larger town of Taylor, it has not seen much related development. As a result, it provides a good lab for understanding what a small cotton-based town looked like in Central Texas during the early twentieth century.

August 4, 2020

Thrall, Williamson County, Texas

Founded in 1876 as as railroad station called Stiles Switch

Name changed to Thrall when post office opened in 1901

Population in 2010 was 839