Beyersville and Noack

On Saturday, January 23, 2021, Debby and I traveled to two very small agricultural communities—Byersville and Noack—southeast of Taylor in Williamson County. Both date to the 1870s and are remnants of what once were viable commercial centers on the Blackland Prairie, but which were bypassed by major transportation routes. Noack began as a Wendish settlement known as Hochkirk (high church), and it now boasts an impressive Lutheran church complex that includes the old community schoolhouse in situ. Byersville began as Dacus and now includes a large cotton gin structure that is no longer operational, although it is evidently used for other enterprises, as there were several large trucks parked nearby. No cemeteries documented at either locale.

January 23, 2021

Beyersville, Williamson County, Texas

Settled as Dacus Corssing in the 1860s

Name changed to Beyersville when post office was established in 1893 (discontinued in 1909)

Population from 1970-2000 was approximately 75


Noack, Williamson County, Texas

Established as Hochkirk in 1879

Renamed Noack in 1902

Population in 1990 was 50