The Glade Theatre

The Glade Outdoor Theater, situated on the west side of the Texas State University campus, is an outdoor theater facility. This exhibit aims to lead the audience through the history and evolution of the Glade Theater, along with the related histories and developments of the Texas State University theater department and the overall growth of the university.

The genesis of this exhibit stems from a curiosity about the Glade Theater and an interest in the history of the university's theater department. Seeking to offer accessible online educational documentation and storytelling about the rich history of this once-forgotten facility, we have delved into various resources within the University Archives and conducted visits to the Glade Theater to create contemporary photographic documentation. Through these efforts, we aim to gain insight into the Glade Theater’s history as well as the progenitors and patrons of the Glade. 

Ultimately, our goal is to chronicle the story of the Glade Theatre and its history. However, challenges arise from the lack of comprehensive record-keeping over the decades since the Glade's construction. Some sources of knowledge have vanished or become fragmented. While we possess documentation of many performances, there are still gaps where information remains unknown.