Thanks to the efforts of historian Dan K. Utley, the mystery building has been identified as the Parke County Courthouse in Rockville, Indiana. 

Mr. Utley posted the photograph to his Facebook page, asking his network of historians and architects if they could help identify the image.  He reports that the "important lead came via a former student, whose friend provided a link to the Indiana courthouses of Thomas J. Tolan."  Within 24 hours of posting the photograph, the subject was positiviely identified as the Parke County Courthouse. Thank you to all of the historians who helped solve this mystery!

December 18, 2020

Local historian Alison Tudor confirmed this image is of the Lime Kiln in San Marcos, Texas.  She compared the image to other photographs of the kiln in her posession and noted the same imperfections in the bricks. 

The University Archives is grateful to Ms. Tudor for sharing the results of her research with us.  We appreciate having a definitive identification!

July 29, 2020

Mark Cowan,  Construction Coordinator in Facilities Planning Design, provided information or confirmed locations of several photos. 

He confirmed the powerhouse images are of the San Marcos Mill on Spring Lake (negative #4, 5, 19, and the view from the powerhouse in #33).  The Mill is now the site of Kerbey Lane Cafe.

Mark also identified Five Mile Dam (#2 and maybe #20), and the steam powered water pumps shown in some images (#36 and 38), as well as the view of the Blanco River shown in #17.

We appreciate Mark's expertise and willingness to help us to better identify the locations of these images.

December 2022