Exhibition Credits

This digital exhibition was created to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the clinic in 2018.   

Dr. Valarie Fleming, Chair of the Department of Communication Disorders, supervised this exhibition project.  The idea of a digital exhibition originated when Dr. Fleming received some of Dr. Zedler’s personal items from the Zedler Foundation and brought them to the University Archives for preservation. 

Ms. Frances Ulep, graduate student in the Department of Communication Disorders, and Dr. Emilie Galemore, clinic audiologist and media manager, led the development of the exhibition.  They worked together to tell the story of Dr. Zedler and the history of the clinic, and provided current photographs that represent the current clinic and its programs.

Faculty members assisted with gathering information for the narrative.  Mrs. Irene Talamantes provided details about the history of the clinic and the department, and Mrs. Alice Zamora provided information about the clinic’s clientele.

Historical information, including press releases, articles, teleprompter rolls, and photographs of Dr. Zedler, are from the University Archives.  This exhibition was created by the University Archives in collaboration with the Department of Communication Disorders.



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