Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

As research evolved from a focus on river systems to the more comprehensive topic of water's relationship with the environment, Aquarena Center became the River Systems Institute (2005) and later The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment (2012).

A vital part of Texas State University, The Meadows Center brings together departments and research centers to both engage in scholarly inquiry and provide practical science-based opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. Its mission focuses on developing and promoting programs and techniques that are dedicated to ensuring sustainable water resources for human needs, ecosystem health, and economic development.

Spring Lake is an environmentally, culturally, and archaeologically significant resource. The Meadows Center engages 125,000 people each year in environmental education and outdoor learning activities. In addition, The Meadows Center has trained and placed nearly 10,000 volunteers in rivers and streams across the state to form an "early warning system" for our Texas waters.