About this Exhibit

"The Glade Theatre" digital exhibit was created to highlight an aspect of Texas State University history that had been lost from public knowledge. It is our hope that providing historical context to this space can provide the Texas State University and San Marcos community a richer understanding of the school and campus.

This exhibit was designed with the intention of calling attention to a unique collection from the University Archives at Texas State University, the Theater and Dance Department Production Records. However, through extensive research in these collections, gaps of information were identified and filled by a variety of archival and historical resources. Resources are listed at the end of every page in order to give proper attribution to the materials that were used.

If you are interested in contributing your story to this history of the Glade Theater, please contact us via the Archives & Records Request form found here: https://askalibrarian.library.txstate.edu/form?queue_id=6934


This exhibit was designed, researched, and constructed by the Digital Publishing Lab Student Assistants at Texas State University Libraries:

Odalis Ipina, Class of 2026
River Morgan, Class of 2026

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