Spring Play & Current State of The Glade

After the Texian Trilogy premiered at the Glade Theater, it was only occasionally utilized by the San Marcos Baptist Academy and Southwest Texas State University’s Theater department. It wasn’t until 1995, with the inception of the annual spring play, that it began to see regular use for Theater Department performances. Additionally, it served as a venue for musical acts and local and student organizations.

After years of disuse, the area required renovations and additions to modernize the forgotten theater into a contemporary facility for drama and theater. G.W. Bailey, an actor-in-residence at Southwest Texas State University, spearheaded the fundraising efforts for the Glade's renovation. The fundraising commenced in 1995 with a special performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, staged at the Glade and running for eight nights in April. The goal of the Glade restoration was to transform it into a multipurpose facility capable of hosting various shows and serving as a park for university students and San Marcos locals.

The outdoor setting of the Glade Theater created a vibrant ambiance for the Theater department's productions. The natural surroundings became integral parts of the set, enhancing the atmosphere during performances. Adaptations of works suitable for outdoor performance added to the enjoyment of these spring productions. Taking place mostly in April, with performances starting around 8 pm, the pleasant temperate spring climate encouraged audience members to bring blankets and enjoy the show from the slope to the right of the theater.

The Glade Theater has also served as a venue for musical performances, featuring artists like Billy Joe Shaver, Randy Rogers, and the band Band of Heathens. Since the conclusion of the annual spring play, the Glade has experienced a secondary period of disuse. However, while the Glade is not maintained, the grounds and facilities have found utility as venues for convocations hosted by local university organizations, as well as serving as a recreational outdoor spot for Texas State students and San Marcos locals.

Future Plans for the Glade Theatre

The Glade Theatre hasn't been used by the Department of Theatre and Dance for years. The Glade is not in conditions to be used for a production as the grass around it is overgrown thus hiding the its pathway. Branches have grown out and cover the stage blocking parts of the view from the benches.  Unfortunately, TXST's app doesn't include the location of the Glade on its Campus Map. However, a couple of students have found out about its existence and like to hang out there.

Recently the Glade Theatre has been mentioned in Texas State's Master Plan of 2017-2027, it seems that its location is being considered to build more housing for the university.