College Star

Johnson’s work with The College Star marks one of his most notable contributions to the college. He served two terms as the paper’s chief editor and worked as editor of its 1928 freshman edition. Many of his columns offered valuable advice and spoke to Johnson’s core beliefs, which would be further developed and echoed in his future politics. He wrote numerous editorials on a wide range of subjects, including:

  • The importance for young people to have a vision and hold onto it
  • The value of the Constitution
  • The advantages of college training, which include open-mindedness and respect for other opinions
  • The power of personality
  • The values of Southwest Texas Teachers College

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“The SWTTC will welcome you. Here you will be guided and taught. Here you will find splendid opportunities for the development of manhood or womanhood; superior training for teachers, and thorough instruction in many fields of learning. The SWTTC will prove a noble and worthy Alma Mater.”— Johnson, "Just Another Chance," College Star Editorial, August 17, 1927

In 1928, Johnson helped to develop the college’s first journalism program. His work with The College Star earned him admittance to the 1928 Democratic National Convention in Houston with press credentials.

“As editor of the school paper, he had featured the coming convention for several weeks,” said Dean Nolle. “He showed copies of the papers at the convention, and they gave him press credentials. We had all wondered why he had laid so much stress on the convention.”

Johnson was later elected President of the Press Club, and as a result, served as a voting delegate to the 1930 convention of Texas Intercollegiate Press Association.