The Gift is Offered

John Yarrington, first cousin to Archer Huntington and local resident, approached the President of Southwest Texas State Teacher’s College in late 1951 with an amazing offer. 

Yarrington told President John G. Flowers that the Huntingtons wished to donate one of Anna's large sculptures and they wondered if the College would be interested in such a gift.  They had chosen Fighting Stallions; Archer had fond memories of his time on a family ranch near San Marcos, and Anna thought that Texas would be an ideal place for a statue depicting wild horses. 

Mr. John T. Yarrington was kind enough to talk with us about the proposed gift some days ago, and also showed us the picture of the statue which you propose presenting to the college. John and his sisters are fine friends of this institution and I know that he is most grateful to you and your wife for this remarably fine gift.

--Letter from President John G. Flowers to Archer M. Huntington, September 19, 1951 [transcription]

President Flowers was thrilled to accept the generous offer and was especially happy that it would arrive in time for the college's golden anniversary celebration later that fall.  

With the acceptance of the gift, the logistics of the move and the planning for the base began.