An Evening with a Fantastic Lady

When Dr. Zedler retired from full-time work at the University, she requested a non-retirement party because she saw herself as merely "stepping aside to let some of those she helped train take over the leadership role she has held for decades."

During the celebration, the Empress Y. Zedler Scholarship Fund — the University's first fully-endowed scholarship — was announced.  The fund was started by the University's Special Education Foundation and quickly exceeded the minimum $25,000 goal.  The Empress Y. Zedler Scholarship Fund awards annual scholarships to graduate special education students.


From the attic of Old Main to the clinic you planned and organized, you've made positive change in people's lives.  You've touched students who will in turn carry on your work.  You've brought national interest and recognition to this university.  You're a person who was destined to meet a particular challenge for the good of mankind.

—Remarks by Dr. Jasper Garland, dean of the School of Education, 1979