Standing Sentry, 1960s

Stallions in the 1960s

Dr. Flowers continued to oversee the ongoing development of the space we now call the Quad.  His attention to detail and follow-through on this matter nearly a decade later speaks to his careful stewardship of the campus as well as his relationship with the community.

When Archer died in 1955, correspondence with the Huntingtons ceased. In 1960, Flowers contacted S.P. Schiavo to ask how best to clean and maintain the aluminum statute.  Schiavo responded with instructions for periodically polishing and sealing the sculpture.

In March 1960, Flowers sent another letter to the Friends of the College who helped raise funds for the statue's base.  He thanked the donors again and provided updates about the concourse area around the statue, which the College continued to develop according to the Master Plan. He invited the community to see the finished product at the College Open house which was scheduled for the following week.

By the time Dr. Flowers retired in 1964, the Stallions Esplanade project that he envisioned was complete.