Constructing the Base

Construction on the base began in January 1952.  The first task was to get the granite moved to the construction site.  An article in the College Star, dated, January 30, 1952, tells the story:

Largely responsible for the bringing of the stones to the Campus was C.W. Wimberley, Llano rancher and former Hill [SWT] student whose father, Rufus Wimberley, has been building roads and moving buildings as a member of the College Maintenance Department for the last 39 years. 

Superintending the work at this end is Rufus Wimberley who gives all the credit to his son for remembering the College when it seemed as though the granite would be lost.

The heavy task of hauling the rocks form the railroad to the Campus was given to the men of the Maintenance Department.  In spite of the fact that the rock weighed an estimated 220 pounds per square feet, maintenance workers hauled the heavy stones up the hill in two days’ time.

Once the base was finished, S.P. Shiavo and two of his employees from Roman Bronze Works arrived in San Marcos and completed the installation of the statue within three days.

Although Buck Winn's plans for a large esplanade were eventually scaled down a bit from the initial concept drawing, the resulting installation was still quite impressive.  Winn's base was nine feet tall, raising the stallions to an intimidating 24 feet.