Butler Hall, Falls Hall, Lantana Hall, and Sterry Hall

Butler Hall opened in 1965 and was named in honor of Mary Stuart Butler. Butler, one of the school’s original seventeen faculty members, taught music at the Southwest Texas State Normal School from 1903–1941. Along with being a vocal music teacher, Butler sponsored a number of music clubs, including the Mendelssohn Club. Butler Hall functioned as women’s hall until it was made co-ed in 1978. Butler Hall continues to house approximately 238 residents each year.

Falls Hall opened for the 1967–68 school year as a women’s hall. The dormitory was dedicated in 1966 in honor of Elizabeth Falls, a member of the school’s education faculty who specialized in elementary education and retired in 1938. Falls Hall was decommissioned in February 2011 and demolished in 2012. The dorm’s former site is now home to the Performing Arts Center. A new Falls Hall opened in 2014 and serves as home to 290 female students per school year.

Constructed in 1962, Lantana Hall opened just in time for the 1962–63 school year. Lantana Hall was named after the lantana, a perennial flowering plant indigenous to the San Marcos area. Lantana is occupied by approximately 239 female students per school year.

Sterry Hall opened for the 1967–68 school year and housed 408 women. In a 1968 ceremony, the dormitory was officially named for Martha Elizabeth Sterry, who worked as an associate professor in the Geography department for thirty-eight years. The structure was designed by Harvey P. Smith and Associates of San Antonio and constructed by Citadel Construction Company, Inc. of San Marcos. Sterry Hall continues to function as a co-ed housing option today, providing rooms for 371 students each year.