The College Inn and Jackson Hall

The College Inn was purchased by Southwest Texas State University from the Prudential Insurance Company in 1975. The building operated as an off-campus residence building for women in 1975–76. In 1976, the nine-story dorm was incorporated into the Residential Living Operations, becoming the campus’s twenty-third on-campus dwelling. The College Inn continues to serve the student population, housing approximately 280 undergraduates each school year.

Jackson Hall opened for the 1967–68 school year and housed 440 men. The first high-rise dormitory on campus, the twelve-story hall was dedicated in 1968 in honor of Ernest B. Jackson. Jackson worked at Southwest Texas State College for forty years as a librarian and was responsible for the library’s exponential growth. Jackson Hall became the home of the victory star after the school’s former water tower was torn down in 1967. Today, Jackson Hall is home to 419 male and female students.