J.C. Kellam Administration Building

The Library-Administration building, now known as the J.C. Kellam Administration Building, was established in 1969. The building was designed by Harvey P. Smith and Associates of San Antonio and constructed by Citadel Construction Co. of San Marcos. On February 22, 1979, the building was dedicated to Jesse Cage Kellam, an alumnus of the Normal College (1919–23) and close friend of Lyndon B. Johnson. Kellam spent much of his career working with Johnson, first as a member of his staff during Johnson's tenure as director of the State National Youth Administration in Texas (1935–36) and later as general manager of KLBJ Radio and KTBC-TV, media entities owned by the Johnson family. Kellam continued to be involved with the university throughout his life, most notably serving as a former regent of the Texas State University System from 1961 until 1977.

In its early years, the multi-functional Library-Administration building lived up to its name, with its first three stories dedicated to administration and the upper eight serving as the university’s library. In 1990, the building was renovated and became completely devoted to administrative purposes. Architecture and engineering firm Joneskell, Inc. of San Antonio conducted the project, which included replacing the JCK Building’s original unique windows with taller rectangular ones. Today, the JCK Building continues to operate as the administrative hub of campus, housing a number of offices including the Office of the University Registrar and the President’s Office.