The Logistics

Arrangements were made.  The Huntingtons would pay expenses for transportation and erecting of the statue on campus. The College was to pay for a suitable base upon which the statue would rest. The massive sculpture, cast in aluminum, was 15 feet high.

The Roman Bronze Works in Corona, New York cast the statue and provided the logistics and labor for transport, assembly, and installation.  Three separate pieces were shipped by truck from NY to TX, and the final statue would be assembled on site in San Marcos.

This typescript (a retyped copy) of a telegram [transcription] from the Roman Bronze Works announced the impending arrival of the Stallions by truck.  As the campus anxiously awaited the sculpture, planning for the base was underway.

I am pleased to report to you that the aluminum casting of the "Fighting Stallions" has arrived in fine order.  This is a magnificent piece of statuary for which we are very thankful to the Huntingtons. 

--Letter from President Flowers to Mr. S. P. Schiavo, Roman Bronze Works, October 11, 1951 [transcription]