Morning Glories

In 1962 Winn was hired to create a cover for the sky ride waiting area at Aquarena Springs. For the pavilion he created a set of translucent morning glories using a proprietary concoction known as "Buck's Gunk". The gunk was a combination of cement, plastic, and fiberglass reinforcing.

In 2011, as part of Texas State University's restoration of Spring Lake, the morning glories needed to be removed. After much deliberation it was decided to fly the sculptures to Winn's former home in Wimberley, Four Winns Ranch. The current fate of the sculptures is unknown, but Winn mimicked their design in the Frog Fountain at Texas Christian University.

Winn was not only an artist, but an innovator and inventor. Besides his "gunk" he invented the Archilthics spray gun used to apply the mixture and a flooring product made from cedar and cement called CedaRoc.