Flowers Hall

The building now known as Flowers Hall was originally constructed in 1935 with funds from the Public Works Administration. It was originally used as the school's library and has undergone numerous renovations since its construction. The major renovations were completed in 1950, 1958, and 1994, which was also the year it was renamed in honor of Dr. John G. Flowers. Today the building houses the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and the Department of English.

During the 1958 renovations, Dr. Flowers again approached Winn to create a piece of art for the university. The mural Winn created on the west wall used over 22 tons of concrete and stands four stories high. Each of the 138 sections was constructed individually and weighs over 300 pounds. Some of the panels have pieces of Blenko glass, while the panels on the outer edge have mosaic brick inlaid. These bricks were created by students in the art department at Texas State.

Winn also relied on students in the industrial arts to build the molds used for construction of the concrete panels. According to one account, when Dr. Flowers asked Winn to create the mural the only money left in the renovation budget was the amount the state had agreed to for the installation of aluminum frame windows. Winn undertook the project in spite of the meager payday he would receive. 

The mural portrays the pursuit of students in academia, including theater, music, art, and sciences. Winn added a dreamlike essence that represents the types of fields students of the future might study. 

During the 1994 renovation, the interior west wall of the building was covered. Sun shining through the pieces of Blenko glass was said to produce a church-like setting on the stairwell before this alteration.