Summer Programs

Comprehensive Summer Feeding Program

The Comprehensive Summer Feeding Program is designed for children who may eat a limited variety of foods, have difficulty chewing or swallowing, display disruptive mealtime behaviors, use a nasogastric tube or gastronomy tube for feedings, or display less than normal weight gain or growth. The program includes an individualized treatment plan for each child and focuses on social aspects of feeding, parent education, sensory activities, and home program development. 



Picture it Read it Write it Learn it (PRWL)

Project PRWL is a 10 day summer literacy program for school aged children.  The first PRWL was held in 2013 and was offered due to a recognized need by clinic co-director, Renee Wendel, CCC-SLP to address literacy declines over the summer.  In its initial year, four clients were enrolled in one program.   The program grew and expanded quickly; the 2017 program, led by Linda Johnson, CCC-SLP, served 15 children in two programs.  


The VIP cognate graduate students from the Department of Communication Disorders program are the primary clinicians for PRWL.  In addition to addressing traditional literacy aspects, PRWL focuses on increasing self-esteem related to literacy and ultimately encouraging reading enjoyment.


Multicultural Intensive Speech-Language Therapy Intervention Clinic (MISTIC) 

MISTIC is a summer-long program that provides speech-language assessment and intervention services to children from multicultural backgrounds. The first program provided services to 14 children from Mexico diagnosed with special needs. The family and children participated in a weeklong program where the parents received training. The children were assessed and treated. The parents were encouraged to implement the treatment once they returned to Mexico.


Currently, the MISTIC program is held at the Henry Bush Head Start Center. Students from Bilingual Cognate of the Communication Science Disorders provide service to children from ages 3 to 5 years, for a span of three weeks. Dr. Maria Gonzales, Dr. Maria Resendiz, Cecilia Perez, and Jason Tipps lead the MISTIC program.


Comprehensive Stuttering Program

The Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy Program (CSTP) is a two-week intensive clinic designed for adolescents and adults who stutter (ages 12 years and older). The program, established in 2011, is offered by the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic every July. In addition to the intensive clinic in July, the CSTP includes an additional semester of follow-up therapy (can be conducted online) to help with retaining skills learned during the summer intensive. 


Dr. Farzan Irani coordinates the program. His research focuses on treatment outcomes for people who stutter.


See the Speeh Language Hearing Clinic summer programs webpage for more information about upcoming sessions.